Awards won! Sort of.

sour note

Happy new year! Just wanted to share the good news. We submitted our brand new Lemon Scuad site to some awards about a month ago. We didn’t win any gold medals but we did more than OK imho.

We won a Star from CSS Winner with a score of 7.5. We also got a Nominee badge from Awwwards. with a score of 7.68. Not bad at all for a party of one starting from 0 design/dev background two years ago. We know there are so many other hyper-talented and incredibly hardworking folks out there who are worthy of the top spots so we’re happy to be where we are now.

Going forward, we already know some places that can be improved on the site, so we’d do that in the coming months. And we’d definitely reflect the new skills gained from our trial and errors to serve our clients better.