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Square one. Let’s get our visions in alignment. In this 45-min session, we analyze your current context and promptly square away known unknowns such as timeline and cost. Then we’ll surface “unknown unknowns” specific to you so that we can factor in any roadblocks (and hidden values!).

Consider this as a visit to an architect before you remodel your entire home. Every project is unique, and so are you. Let’s validate your assumptions before we start digging.

Bring your superpower and source of inspiration. Our expertise and kindness to say “No” to you will be on the house.


  • Analysis of your current site and business landscape
  • Deep dive into your superpower, source of inspiration, and pet peeves
  • Recommended directions on your web project
  • Proposal in writing including estimated fee and timeline (+$100)


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This partial engagement package is for those who decided to take a more DIY approach and need our supervision in a limited scope of their project.


  • Our expertise for a pre-agreed scope of the web project

$ ¿0,000?

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We'll handle as much sour end of the project as possible so that you can enjoy the sweet aftertaste. But for the natural union of sweet'n'sour to take place, we need to slow down and let the chemistry happen first.

We work with less than 10 clients per year as our capacity is limited.

Please book the Audit session first to find out if this option is ripe for your organization.


  • Bespoke web solution built from scratch to take you to your desired future state.

$ ¿00,000?

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"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder." It begs a question though: How do we reach a mutual understanding of the value of what we do? A perfect solution you'd be happy to pay millions could be worth less than minus zero for Uncle Jeff.

As practitioners of value creation, we're aware of this very homo sapiens phenomenon. Thus our answer is, “F**k AI.” We invest our slow-cooking brain time to craft a sustainable transformation for your specific issue at hand.

For this, we ask for your respect through a handy contraption called money. Handsomely. Gracias.


  • Bespoke web solution built from scratch to take you to your desired future state
  • Ongoing support to ensure your long-term success

$ ¿000,000?

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