a kaleidoscope of butterflies
a half face of a donkey wearing a pair of mirror glasses
a half face of a donkey wearing a pair of mirror glasses

Lemon Scuad is a small, boring web development studio made up of not so "nice" people.

We're just real people trying to do our job right.

our belief

We have no aspiration to grow big or do anything ground-breaking. We are underwhelmingly motivated to do a job right and just feel good about it at the end of the day.

Some might be able to tell an epic story out of it but we suck at advertising. Maybe that's why we like partnering with marketers. We used to fake how cool we are but we got tired of it. Sorry.

We hate to be honest with ourselves because it hurts our feeling and bottomline to admit that we're not the best in the class like everybody else. For once, we'd love to join the pack and play nice like everybody else. But hey, that's not us. It sucks but it would even suck more to keep faking.

So, we're not even going to ask you to "join our journey." Fuck it. We care more about ourselves than about you, obviously. Man, what kind of messed-up CTA was that?

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jim cajas

Founder and Webflow Developer at Lemon Scuad, and Webflow Professional Partner.

Jim sometimes wonders “what is time? Is it even real?” If we were to think of time simply as a memory of our lives, it could open up a new perspective. What’s done is done. But we do have some power still: the power as to how we see it and how we tell our stories around it. Unlike the future which hasn’t happened yet and hence you can’t tell your story with certainty (yet), you can definitely tell a story from your past. In other words, through the power of storytelling, we can transport ourselves back in time, relive the past, and reconstruct the narrative associated with it.

But wait, if we change the past, that would alter our present. And that would domino change our future! As a designer turned developer turned entrepreneur, he enjoys channeling his creativity to clients’ advantage by asking questions about their desired future. (If you happen to find his BS amusing, do let him know!)

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don the donkey

Originally from Jalisco, Mexico. aka home of tequila.

He was responsible for Jim’s love of good tequila time, good design, and hard work since long before the formation of Lemon Scuad.

From the day they first met in an ESL class in SoCal, their spirits have been inseparable and they’ve been great partners in a crime so-called life.

a small skull of butterfly and flowers